Peridottie Jewelryđź’śxo

I have loved art, design, sewing and making my entire life, but, it wasn’t until 2008 that I made my first piece of jewelry for a fund raiser for a friend who was battling breast cancer.

From the moment I made that first piece of jewelry, I realized it was my passion, in fact, I can say it’s “My Necessary Obsession!”

I am a self taught artist, I feel creativity isn’t something I needed to be taught, it comes very naturally for me, no right or wrong, rules, simply creating from my heart.

I am a bit obsessed with HEARTS and SPARKLE. HEARTS are beautifully symbolic of LOVE and LIFE, the SPARKLE represents our inner light, that which makes each person one of a kind and uniquely created. It is a signature part of my jewelry creations.

I believe jewelry is self expression, every woman is mul·ti·fac·et·ed, like a beautiful gem. Jewelry allows a woman to express her personal style, moods and passions!

-Sherry Bosh-

Created with Passion, Infused with Sparkle!

You Deserve Beautiful Jewelry.

Love, Peridottie đź’śxo