Fargo Girl®

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Born a Fargo Girl® | The Birth + Founding of the Brand 💋 xo

Fargo Girl® Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Cards + Gifts

I was born a Fargo Girl® I LOVE my hometown, this iconic city, friendly people, arts, culture, home of National Football Champs, the infamous North Dakota Bison, ethnic foods like no place, a melting pot of cuisine, some say we even have an accent with a knack for saying things in a very distinct way! Be sure to know, not everything in the movie Fargo is true to the lifestyle or slang talk used by most here! Be that what it may, there’s no girl quite like a Fabulous Fargo Girl®

It was out of hometown pride and love of my home state, that Fargo Girl® was Born and Founded in 2008. A comfy collection of tees, long sleeve tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies + hats, the jewelry has been added with several collections, from casual to statement pieces.

So, whether you are a native, new to the area or just passing through, you will fall in love with this iconic city and the Fargo Girl® Brand!